The little things about you

that make me love you

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My love for these pictures is unreal because it explains our friendship in a way that wouldn’t make sense to anyone else. I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND MISS YOU AND NEED TO HUG YOU AND TOUCH YOUR FACES.

also can we appreciate just for a couple moments that dione’s workout outfit is a freaking onesie

I Rove Ruuuuuu!

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sometimes i wonder if goodbye means the same thing to us anymore. You’ve never cried in front of me saying goodbye, but i could always tell you were sad. That you would miss me. That we felt the same. 

But lately I just feel like it isnt the same. Like when you say goodbye its like you arent sad at all. Like you are just dealing with the hugs and the tears and trying to move on without making me more upset.

And then you’re gone and that whole time you’re gone you’re telling me that you love me and that you miss me, but I feel like Im the only one who’s excited when they get to see you. Or upset to see you go. 

Last wednesday you didnt even get up off the couch when I walked in the door, and then were surprised that i didnt hug you right away, well i didnt know what the frig to do.

And when we said goodbye i just felt like a wall was collapsing on me, and you were just going to watch it fall. You were so nonchalant. 

I laid under my motts and cried for an hour. but i think part of the reason that i cried so long is because i knew that i was the only one crying.